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LARIAN TECH to maintain the environment at the site

Environmental conditions in the laboratory such as temperature, humidity, and CO2 are very important factors in pharmaceuticals and research, so it is essential to check these environmental conditions. However, dispatching staff to the site on time each time to visually check it requires considerable labor and labor costs, so we imported a cloud-based management system called "LARIAN TECH" that can monitor them 24 hours a day from overseas. However, we will support the introduction to the site.

Monitor temperature, humidity and CO2 for 24 hours

In the laboratory, it is indispensable to set the optimum environment at the site in order to stably proceed with chemical reactions and DNA culture. It is important that the room temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, etc. are always kept constant, but for this confirmation, a person is sent to the site on time to visually check, and the result is manually input and recorded. That's a lot of work and effort. Therefore, we import "LARIAN TECH", which is a system that can monitor the room temperature, humidity, and CO2 concentration in the room of the site 24 hours a day, from overseas, and consult on laboratory automation.

Connect devices in the cloud to improve the efficiency of environment maintenance

We will utilize the cloud to realize laboratory automation by monitoring on-site temperature, humidity, and CO2 24 hours a day with LARIAN TECH. You can visually check the environmental status anytime, anywhere by connecting this unit to its node device. Therefore, each device used for temperature, humidity, and CO2 measurement is also firmly connected to the cloud. We will realize 24-hour monitoring by linking a "wireless temperature / humidity sensor" that weighs only 22g, a "K lock" that manages password protection and door opening / closing, and a "water level sensor" that detects a water tank. ..



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We will consult on automation with overseas products that have been confirmed to work together in advance so that there is no risk of malfunctions occurring when actually working together, even though they should be compatible.

Monitoring the site with LARIAN TECH

Visually checking the indoor environment every time is a very important task in pharmaceuticals and research, but if all this effort can be cut, labor costs will be significantly reduced. This is made possible by a temperature / humidity / CO2 monitoring system that utilizes a cloud service called "LARIAN TECH". We monitor environmental data 24 hours a day and notify you by email or SMS when changes occur. For companies who want to introduce this system for laboratory automation, we support from product import to introduction.

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