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Consultants who are close to the company

After actually visiting the company and hearing carefully, we will devise a consulting plan for laboratory automation, and laboratory automation specialists who will carefully support you even after the contract will respond. All of them are consultants who are familiar with the knowledge of automation in the lab and the industry situation, and we will answer detailed questions carefully, and will respond firmly to the completion of automation and after-sales follow-up.
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LICONIC products for integration

Perhaps there are some good incubators and dry storages that are suitable for cell culture, but whether they are compatible with other companies' products will also be different. Therefore, for companies that want to integrate all test processes and promote automation, we coordinate the automation of all processes by importing and introducing the LICONIC product "STX series" equipped with flexible software that is highly compatible with other companies' products. increase.

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Made by INHECO, which is easy to automate and integrate

With the interest in automation for improving productivity and accelerating research triggered by Corona, the bottleneck in achieving this is the integration of processes between other companies' products. For companies that could not be fully automated due to the difficulty, we support the introduction and automation of IMP measuring plates, shakers, and thermal cyclers with software that is highly compatible with INHECO's other companies' products.

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LARIAN TECH to check the indoor environment

In an environment where tests and research cannot proceed unless the temperature, humidity, and CO2 are kept in an appropriate state at all times, it is extremely labor-intensive to visually check the environment at regular times and manually enter the results. It will lead to exhaustion. We support the import and actual introduction of "LARIAN TECH," a cloud system that monitors temperature, humidity, and CO2 in a 24-hour laboratory, which leads to a significant reduction in labor costs.

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HJ-bioanalytik GmbH products that automate sealing

HJ-bioanalytik overseas HJ-bioanalytik is a sealing device "HJ @ Sealer" and a seal peeling machine "HJ @ Piercer" that fully automatically realizes the process of sealing to various plates such as microtiter plates and removing the seals used in the test. Released by GmbH. We will import these two devices and the company's seals to support the automation of the process by mounting them in the laboratory.

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Companies aiming to automate testing and research processes

Until now, there were many places where the test process, which was extremely delicate and time-consuming, could only be done by human hands. However, since many highly compatible devices that can automate this work process have been developed overseas, we are developing a business that imports them and consults on the automation of laboratories of companies. We will coordinate the automation of pharmaceuticals and laboratories by utilizing overseas products.

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