Employment information

Regulus Co., Ltd. is looking for new staff. If you can feel the dreams and possibilities together, why don't you work with us? At regulus Co., Ltd., we are looking for people who want to gain experience and be able to do higher quality work, and people who want to make use of their experience so far.

Employment information

Recruitment type

・ Domestic sales and marketing research

・ Overseas trade relations

・ Service engineer

·Software Development

・ Integrator

Employment status

Full-time employee (employed as a contract employee for half a year, changed to a full-time employee after half a year) * Permanent employees may be hired from the beginning depending on the situation.

Necessary knowledge

・ Science (chemistry, machinery, electrical and electronics, pharmacy, etc.)

・ Humanities (economy, commerce, management, information, etc.)


Recruitment age

18-40 years old


It will be decided according to age, educational background, experience and ability.

Salary increase

Once a year (based on personnel evaluation)

Profit distribution

Twice a year (July / December)

* The amount of profit distribution will be determined according to business performance and personnel evaluation.

Working hours

8: 30-17: 30 (including 1 hour break)

Holiday vacation

Holidays: Complete weekly two-day system (Saturday, Sunday), holidays

There is annual paid leave

Leave: Annual paid leave, year-end and New Year leave, summer vacation, condolence leave, etc.

Others: Year-end and New Year holidays, summer vacation

Welfare and treatment (* Some items only for employees)

Health insurance, welfare annuity insurance, employment insurance, workers' accident compensation insurance

Human resources required

・ Those who have aspirations, flexibility, sociability, abundant creativity, and compassion for others

・ Those who can take the initiative in tackling goals and can think and act on their own without fear of failure

・ Those who have the ability to think and act flexibly in response to changes in any environment

Work location

Work from home (with business trip if necessary)

Application / Inquiry

Please apply from the entry form or by phone.


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