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INHECO products for lab automation

Those who want to automate the experimental process if possible, but are not compatible with various essential equipment such as shakers and thermal cyclers, and inevitably require manpower in some places. Isn't there some? Therefore, we will introduce INHECO's products that are highly compatible with flexible software and easy-to-use interface, and can be easily integrated with other companies' products, and support import and introduction.

Functional test with "IMP measurement plate"

The cordless "IMP measurement plate" can be used anywhere, and is a stand-alone verification tool that can be used for function checks and tests on equipment made by other companies as well as INHECO. You can check on the spot whether these devices such as flat incubators, heaters, shakers, etc. are operating normally, temperature, humidity, vibration patterns, etc. It would be a lot of work to check these manually every time, so we will free the staff in the field from the labor by laboratory automation by introducing this "IMP measurement plate".

Shaker expected to improve cell culture efficiency

If all the cell culture incubation processes could be automated, it could greatly improve on-site productivity. You will be able to focus your time on incubation for other research or creative tasks. INHECO's "Incubator Shaker" is expected to achieve this. This is a high-performance shaker that can reach the operating temperature for cell culture in just 10 minutes, which will improve the transfer speed and efficiency of cell culture incubation and will be useful for laboratory automation.



Regulus Co., Ltd.


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Representative Director Ryosuke Watanabe

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Mizuho Bank, Tokyo Shinkin Bank, Ome Shinkin Bank


Established December 13, 2018


We will consult on automation with overseas products that have been confirmed to work together in advance so that there is no risk of malfunctions occurring when actually working together, even though they should be compatible.

INHECO products for DNA amplification automation

DNA amplification / modification, which would otherwise require considerable labor, has been automated with a thermal cycler, resulting in a considerable productivity improvement. In order to make this process laboratory automation, we would like to introduce the optimum "Thermal Cycler ODTC" manufactured by INHECO. Guaranteed 24/7 automatic operation, this thermal cycler is highly flexible and compatible with the software, making it easy to integrate with an automated workflow without making any changes to almost any deck. Probably.

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