Many overseas products that are ideal for lab automation

It's easy to say that it automates the entire lab, but in reality there are deficiencies such as incompatibility between devices, and even if they are compatible, they do not work well, so it is limited to partial automation. It's easy to get rid of it. Therefore, when conducting total consulting for laboratory automation, we carefully select a large number of overseas products suitable for automation, and of course, we will provide products that have been confirmed to work after interlocking.

  • Compatible system / UI / hardware

    A major obstacle to laboratory automation is compatibility with other companies' products. There are excellent automation products in each process, but if they are not linked, automation of the entire lab will be a dream. However, many carefully selected overseas products have not only functionality but also flexible software and hardware with excellent compatibility, and the UI from the user's point of view makes it easy to remember the operation after installation. We will meet the needs of our customers and realize the development of systems that are close to people.

  • Many overseas products such as incubators

    There are a wide variety of automated equipment that can be integrated and used in the laboratories that import and sell them. For example, with software programmed to be integrated into a fully automated experimental application, cordless measurement that automatically completes the operation check of the incubator / dry storage / heater and shaker, which greatly reduces the time and effort of resetting each process. Introducing products such as plates that help companies improve their productivity.