For companies that want to promote lab automation

If we could automate the labor-intensive and labor-intensive pharmaceutical and research processes, we would be able to significantly reduce labor costs, improve productivity in pharmaceuticals, and dramatically improve the speed of research on new drugs. We are accepting requests for total consulting for laboratory automation for that purpose. We will strive to increase the productivity of pharmaceuticals so that the medicines we need at low cost can be delivered to the people who need them when they need them.



Regulus Co., Ltd.


1-7-2-38 Baba, Niiza City, Saitama Prefecture

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Representative Director Ryosuke Watanabe

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8 persons

Major banks

Mizuho Bank, Tokyo Shinkin Bank, Ome Shinkin Bank


Established December 13, 2018


We will consult on automation with overseas products that have been confirmed to work together in advance so that there is no risk of malfunctions occurring when actually working together, even though they should be compatible.

  • To reduce the time required for equipment selection

    In advancing laboratory automation, it takes a lot of labor, labor costs, and personnel with appropriate expertise to investigate domestic and foreign machines from scratch, check compatibility, and actually introduce them. Needs to be researched. For companies that want to significantly reduce the time required, we will introduce a number of compatible overseas machines that are optimal for laboratory automation that has already been carefully selected.

  • Normal operation in device cooperation has been confirmed

    When I introduced various devices such as incubators and shakers that are said to be compatible with each other and tried to operate them, there is a risk that malfunctions will occur. Since it is an expensive purchase, such a failure is not allowed, but since we sell overseas-made equipment that has already been confirmed to be compatible and normal cooperation and operation to companies, there is also a risk of malfunction after introduction. There is no need to worry.