[Automation] About Liconic products No.2

query_builder 2022/06/30
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Did you know that the incubator unit has various functions, shapes and options?

This time, I would like to introduce a little about the shape of the STX series.

There are two types of STX series, SA type and BT type.

・ SA is called stand-alone.

feature Mounted on the top of the chamber

We recommend it when placing the unit on the floor.

It is a type that is excellent in integration with units that are used upright on the floor. ・ BT is called a bench top.

feature Mounted at the bottom of the chamber

We recommend this when you place the unit on a table and use it.

It is an excellent type for integration with equipment placed on the table surface.

It's a simple unit description, but if you are interested, please contact regulus.


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