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HJ-bioanalytik GmbH products for automation of sealing

Microtiter plates are frequently used in pharmaceutical and experimental processes, and along with this, plate sealing and its seal removal processes are also required. Doing this manually would be laborious and time consuming, so HJ-bioanalytik GmbH has released two types of equipment to fully automate this sealing and peeling process. We will import this equipment to help reduce the effort of the plate sealing process on site.

Automatic sealer "HJ @ Sealer"

Sealing the microtiter plate, which is indispensable for testing, takes a considerable amount of time and effort if performed manually, which is one of the factors that increase time and labor costs. The fully automatic sealer "HJ @ Sealer" for the microtiter plate is manufactured and sold by HJ-bioanalytik GmbH overseas. The device will automatically recognize the plate and seal it without overlapping foils. Different plates can be recognized depending on the height, and the interface is designed from the user's point of view, which is easy for researchers to use, and the introduction will proceed smoothly.

Remove the sticker "HJ @ Piercer"

After automating the sealing of the microtiter plate, there are probably many researchers who want to automate the process of removing the sealing. We are already ready to meet that need with HJ-bioanalytik GmbH products. That is the fully automatic plate seal remover "HJ @ Piercer". It takes about 12 seconds to completely remove the seal, without worrying about internal contamination, which is the most important thing to be careful about when removing the seal. At that time, the operation is easy with the diagnostic function such as the position detection of the piercing roller.



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We will consult on automation with overseas products that have been confirmed to work together in advance so that there is no risk of malfunctions occurring when actually working together, even though they should be compatible.

Seal the plate with HJ-bioanalytik GmbH products

In order to proceed with the reaction and culture in the microtiter plate, it is necessary to protect it with a sealing and carefully remove the seal to prevent foreign matter from entering after completion. It takes time and effort, and the risk of foreign matter contamination cannot be eliminated as long as it is done manually. Therefore, we have eliminated the risk of foreign matter entering the plate due to human error, and imported two types of sealing automation equipment from HJ-bioanalytik GmbH, which greatly shortens the time required for the sealing process, to support the introduction to the laboratory. increase.

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